Glue down luxury vinyl flooring

Natural Wonders

size 2,5 x 228 x 1524 mm
wear class 23/33/42
installation glue down
surface deep wood
box 12 pcs/4,17 m2
warranty 25 years residential, 10 years commercial, 5 years industrial

Product information

Enhanced durability that comes from glue down installation makes it the go to solution for commercial spaces with heavy traffic such as offices, hotels or retail spaces. The other key aspect is the construction and quality of the base material.

Luxury vinyl flooring from VinylTechLab features layers of polymer that are reinforced by fiberglass and fused together to create a seamless and dimensionally stable base material.

EpuShield is a special polyurethane coating applied on the top of the wear layer and is considered as the first line of defence. It offers anti-stain, anti-bacterial and anti-slip properties. EpuShield is also not as hard as other ceramic-bead type of coatings which makes it more scratch-resistant.

  1. Dimensionally stable base material
  2. Fiberglass reinforcement
  3. High-resolution decorative film
  4. Transparent wear layer
  5. EpuShield anti-scratch matte coating

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